About US

The team has spent the better part of 30 years working for and supporting various companies and organizations including Banks, Real Estate companies, Mortgage, Escrow and Title, and Insurance companies. With all the companies and individuals we have helped over the years the company was formed. we get great pleasure in service to others. Helping […]

Network Management

Network PC’s, Servers, Software applications, cabling, firewalls, routers and switches all make up your network. with more than 30 years in the technical industry, we can troubleshoot, manage, optimize, expand or design a network that fits your needs on any budget. we think outside the box, we will not try to tell you you need […]

Network Cabling

You want it done right. With 15+ years in the Ventura county and San Fernando Valley, we can provide cabling for your Voice and Data networks. Cabling will be done by our professional team. Documented, tested and labeled, and most importantly, done right and on time. Because cabling projects vary with each clients needs, building […]

Virus, Spyware and Ransomware

Virus, spyware and Ransomware removal One click of the mouse.. that is all it takes.. Computer running slow? if it’s not old, it is spyware or a computer virus. we can help. we use all the latest Technics for spyware and virus removal. more importantly, are you prepared? virus, spyware and ransomware happen everyday to […]

Data Management

It may be to late when a computer stops working, data corruption occurs or worse, Ransomware.. Keeping your data backed up and secure is something very few take into consideration, and the people who do think about it know they should have a backup system, but it just seems to difficult, to much trouble or […]

Solutions Integration

Solutions Integration is the identification of a product or service that fills your need.. Many times you find yourself short on time or without the needed skill to properly fill a technical need your company has. Talking to sales people that all claim to have the perfect product. Let us take that burden on for […]

Computers and Servers

Today, Your computer network is as important as the people using it. Keeping all your systems in tip-top shape ensures your business doesn’t come to a screeching holt.. Hiring the right people is as easy as calling “Your IT Department”, you get the skilled people you need when you need them and the financial benefit […]