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Is your computer running slow? If it’s not old, it is likely spyware or a computer virus. We can help. We use the latest technology for spyware and virus removal.

More importantly, are you defended? Virus, spyware and ransomware happen to everyone and does not discriminate. At least ninety percent of all attacks on your PC or network enter through email. Your best defense is a good backup solution.

Many of these problems can be removed if treated early at the PC level, but if you wait too long,

re-installing your operating system will be necessary and the cost to this is in many cases can be more than the PC is worth. It is imperative that you have an experienced tech support provider in your corner that you can call at a moment’s notice when you feel something is wrong. We are just a phone call away!

Ransomware takes no prisoners. You MUST have a secure backup to defend against this kind of attack. Putting a backup system in place to protect al of your data is a small investment in your business. It doesn’t cost much and could save your business countless hours of downtime and expenses if or when the need arises.